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Call for Interest: Italian winners visited the Life Lagoon Refresh site

Among the activities planned to promote the transferability and replicability of the project, the Life Lagoon Refresh promoted a Call for Interest to select six sites where to transfer and replicate strategy, actions and methods of the Project, through a busy program of visits, preparations of scenarios and activities to follow in the After-Life of the Life Lagoon Refresh. The activity is specifically directed at Water Managers, Researchers, professional and technicians dealing with monitoring, assessment and conservation of EU lagoon and estuarine sites.

Nationally, three selected Italian sites were: the Apulian Acquatina di Frigole, some lagoons of Delta Po River from the Veneto Region side, and Punta Alberete and Valle Mandriole in Emilia-Romagna.

After a workshop to study conservative and monitoring actions of our Project, on 15th September 2021 the Italian winners of the call  came and visited the Project Area, both by land and by boat, seeing the hydraulic and morphological works, and attending the demonstration about transplanting techniques of reedbeds and seagrasses. University of Salento, Sagittaria, Municipality of Ravenna, Delta Po River Park from Emilia-Romagna,  Genio Civile from Rovigo with Project Partners were present.  

Next steps are visits to each site selected by Life Lagoon Refresh staffs to collect necessary information for sharing project strategy, actions and methods.