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The fifth Newsletter is now available on the web site in the section Download-newsletter (Italian Language only). The Newsletter is divided into sections. This issue is dedicated to the milestone achievement of recovering the salt gradient in the Lagoon, to the first signals coming from “Avifauna” world, and to dissemination and networking events occurred, despite of restrictions due to COVID-19, with updates after the fourth Newsletter (published in March 2021).
Each Newsletter contains a general description of the project in the initial part and a detailed section in the final part, describing, each time, different issues related to the project. Previous newsletters dealt with Habitat 1150*-Coastal Lagoon, reedbed, historical diversion of rivers from the Venice lagoon, and aquatic phanerogams. This brand new issue depicts target bird species, such as Pygmy Cormorant, Eurasian Bittern, Purple Heron and Little Bittern.