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On line the second project video: the phases of the works


The Life Lagoon Refresh project has achieved an important goal: the connection between the Sile River and the Venice Lagoon was completed and modular biodegradables elements were installed in the lagoon in front of the hydraulic work. From May 20th, 2020 the fresh water is flowing from the Sile into the Lagoon. For the occasion, a new project video was published showing some images of the construction phase and the opening of the fresh water input in the lagoon. In the video gallery, the first video is also available, online since 19th November 2018.

The Lagoon Refresh area is ready to next steps that involve the planting of reeds and aquatic phanerogams.  The fresh water flow rate will be gradually increased up to a maximum average value of 1000 l/s and a second front of biodegradable structures, which slows down the fresh water flow, will be placed.  Monitoring activities restarted in June 2020, will verify the efficiency of the works and the effects on animal and plant communities within the project area. The conservation actions of the Life Lagoon Refresh aim to counteract the saline gradient loss, mainly due to the diversion of rivers, and to increase the biodiversity of fishes, birds, animals of mobile bottom and plants.