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Monitoring activities continue over the end of the project

The LIFE Lagoon Refresh project ended on the 31st August 2022, but monitoring  activities have been continuing in the After-LIFE period of the project, to verify also during following years the effective benefits brought by ecological restoration measures adopted in.

Monitoring surveys will continue with a reduction in number of stations, frequencies and parameters, respect to those scheduled in the project. Monitoring of coastal lagoon habitat will continue, always in synergy with the other activities and networks already existing in the Venice lagoon within the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC.  Birdlife will be also monitored within existing networks, such as the IWC (International Waterbird Census) voluntary detector network, which is coordinated by ISPRA.

Expected results will be a confirmation of improvements already gained with the project. Currently, vegetation is changing depending on salinity changes, but a full development of reedbed will take more time than that of the project. We are also expecting a further growth and spread of vegetal species of low salinity, even in farther areas from the freshwater input.