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Project activities will be followed by an environmental monitoring aimed to verify the achievement of expected results through the application of quality indices and assessment methods which integrate biotic, abiotic parameters and modelling analysis.

The operative monitoring activity includes three Actions:

- D.1: Monitoring of the Habitat (1150*)Coastal lagoon;

- D.2: Monitoring of halophytic habitats and of target species;

- D.3: Monitoring of target bird species.


Results obtained during operative monitoring will be elaborated and used also for the evaluation of ecosystem functions (Action D.4) and of the socio-economic impact of the recovery actions arising from the implementation of the project (Action  D.5). A specific table of indicators, “life project specific indicators call 2016” (D.6 action), will provide a quantitative description of the project action impacts on target habitats and species, and also of the improvements compared to the initial state.