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D.5: Socio-Economic assessment

The Action is aimed to estimate the socio-economic impact of the environmental restoration actions implemented in the project.

The Action includes three main aspects:

  • the assessment of the contribution on the growth of employment of local communities arising from their direct involvement in the project’s Actions;
  • the estimation of the contribution derived from the increase in the presence of fish species, also of commercial interest, in terms of re-establishment of the traditional economic activities carried out in the lagoon and, in particular, of traditional fishing;
  • the estimation of the economic value of the main ecosystem services identified and quantified within the Action D.4.

The assessment will take into account both direct benefits (e.g.: recreational use of the site, activities related to eco-tourism) and indirect benefits (typically regulating services such as sequestration of CO2 and improvement of water quality).

The quantification of ecosystem services will be supported by the monitoring data collected in Actions D.1., D.2 and D.3, elaborated as described in Action D.4.