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The project actions, aiming to restore the typical ecotonal environment in the transitional zone between mainland and lagoon, involve:

-          diversion of a freshwater flow of approximately 1000 l/s from the Sile river into the Lagoon (C.1 action), necessary for the recreation of oligo-/mesohaline areas;

-          restoration of the intertidal morphology (C.2 action) through the implementation of structures made by biodegradable geotextile, properly arranged in order to slow down the fresh water dispersion and to favour the reed development according to the project configuration;

-          planting of clumps and rhizomes of Phragmites australis in order to accelerate the development of the reedbeds (C.3 action).

In order to achieve the general object of improving the degree of conservation of habitat 1150*- Coastal lagoon and preserving target species of birds and fishes, the project also includes the following actions:

-          transplantation of small clumps of Ruppia cirrhosa, Zostera Marina and Z. noltei, seagrass species characterizing the Habitat 1150 * with a high degree of conservation and suitable to trigger and accelerate the recolonization by aquatic plants of low-salinity environments (C.4 Action);

-          establishment of a protection zone (coinciding with the restoration area of reedbeds, habitat for bird species) with an increase in the level of protection for birds and a reduction of fishing pressure (C.5 Action). This action will be defined after comparison and sharing with the competent administrations and stakeholders.

Fishermen and hunters, who regularly frequent the SCI IT3250031, will be involved in the reed and seagrass transplant actions, thus raising awareness on the conservation and restoration of habitats and species.