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C.4 Seagrass transplantation

The Action is aimed to accelerate, in the intervention site, the development of wide seagrass beds, typical of the 1150* Habitat in good ecological status, with positive outcomes on supplied ecosystem services and on fish, benthonic and bird communities. For this purpose, the Action consists on transplanting of small clumps of Ruppia cirrhosa, Z. noltei and Z. marina in different sites of the intervention site. As for the reedbeds transplantation (C.3 Action), the transplantation and explanting activities of seagrass will be carried out by the operators trained during the Action A.5.2 (local associations of amateurs fishermen and hunters), and under the technical supervision of the UNIVE scientific partner.For the definition of the most suitable transplantation techniques and the transplantation season, the experience gained in the LIFE SERESTO project will be taken into account.

During the project duration, on the bases of results of the monitoring activity, periodic maintenance in the most critical areas is planned.