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D.2: Monitoring of halophytic habitats and target species

This Action is focused on the monitoring of halophytic habitats and species habitats located in the emerged areas surrounding the freshwater input and reedbed transplantation sites, with the aims of:

  • Verifying the establishment and the development of reedbed habitat species (DIR. 43/92/CEE), favored by the decrease of salinity (Actions C.1), the morphological reconstruction (Action C.2) and by the reedbed transplantation (Action C.3);
  • Evaluating the variation on halophytic habitats distribution induced by the project interventions.

The Action is subdivided into two sub-actions:                              

  • D.2.1 mapping of halophytic habitats;
  • D.2.2 monitoring of the reedbed development

The Action includes the following activities:

  • Mapping of emerged vegetation (reedbed and halophytic species);
  • Sampling and analysis of sediments harvested beside the sites where reedbed was transplanted during Action C.3;
  • Topographical surveys aimed at evaluating the morphological variation induced by the project.