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Monitoring of the Habitat (1150*) Coastal lagoon before conservation actions


From November 2017 to October 2018 the Monitoring of the Habitat Coastal lagoon took place in the project area, with the aim of defining the initial environmental status before interventions.

The activities, carried out within the Action D.1 included the execution of measures, sampling and analysis of different components such as water, sediment and biological communities.

Once a month, ISPRA and UNIVE-DAIS sampled water and settled particulate sediments to characterize salinity, temperature and the quality of the water column and granulometry, sedimentation rates, nutrients, carbon, and general parameters of sediments.

Sediment parameters and biotic component, with particular reference to the Biological Quality Elements (BQE) Macrophytes (macroalgae and seagrasses), Macrozoobenthos and Fish fauna, were sampled twice a year, on Spring and Autumn, by UNIVE-DAIS and ISPRA.

Finally UNIVE-DAIS mapped seagrass all around the project area. These data will be useful to estimate the transplant success by comparing states before and after the project implemetation.

ISPRA and IPROS also performed specific sampling campaigns with particular reference to salinity measures (Action A.2). Bathymetric surveys, with the aim to estimate morphological variability of shallow tidal flat induced by the project, were performed by IPROS and OOPP (Action A.2).

Researchers and technicians are now hard working to elaborate all data. Results will be soon available on the first Monitoring Report of the project!