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A.2 – Surveys and modelling simulations

This Action aims to provide: i) the framework of topographic, physical and hydro-morphological characteristics of the intervention area and ii) the characterization of chemical and physical quality of water for the ecological assessment supporting Planning actions (A.3 and A.4-Actions) and Conservation actions (C-Actions), in order to maximize the effectiveness of intervention

s and minimize costs of realization.

The action is divided as following:

  • A.2.1: gathering and organization of a geographical information system (GIS) of cartographic (cartography, aerial / satellite images), topographic (topographic and bathymetric surveys, river sections), hydrologic (weather data, tidal levels, Sile river levels and flows) and physical-chemical water quality (nutrients, salinity) available data, statistics of data.
  • A.2.2: Installation of a station for continuous monitoring of tide and salinity
  • A.2.3: campaign of topographic survey from land (DGPS) and bathymetric survey by boat through specific equipments for shallow waters (single beam echo sounder, DGPS positioning system , ranging pole)
  • A.2.4: series of measurements campaigns of current (ADCP) and of salinity (CTD)
  • A.2.5: Implementation of numerical models, used as supporting tool to investigate hydrodynamics and to define the most suitable project configuration. In particular, two- and three-dimensional hydrodynamic models are used to optimize the freshwater flow and the morphological configuration, in terms of salinity diffusion and hydraulic effects. The effect of diversion on saline wedge intrusion on Sile river is also assessed through the implementation of an hydraulic model of the terminal part of the Sile river.