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D.1: Monitoring of the habitat Coastal lagoon

This Action is subdivided in three sub-actions, according to specific objectives:

- D.1.1 Monitoring of the Habitat 1150* conservation degree;

- D.1.2 Monitoring of target fish species;

- D.1.3 Monitoring of the Ecological Quality of Water Bodies (sensu WFD EC/2000/60/) and of biodiversity (sensu BIODIVERSITY STRATEGY 2020).

This Action is articulated in different monitoring campaigns carried out before the interventions, for the definition of the initial environmental status, and after the completion of the conservation Actions, in order to evaluate the effects of the interventions on the different matrices.

The activities, carried out within the Action D.1, include the execution of measures, sampling and analysis of different components:

  • Water, with particular reference to salinity measures, temperature and quality of the water column (nutrients, carbon, general parameters);
  • Sediment and settled particulate parameters (granulometry, sedimentation rates, nutrients, carbon,  general parameters);
  • Biotic component, with particular reference to the Biological Quality Elements (BQE) Macrophytes, Macrozoobenthos and Fish fauna;
  • Seagrass mapping, with the aim to estimate the transplant success;
  • Bathymetric surveys, with the aim to estimate morphological variability of shallow tidal flat induced by the project.