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Reed and phanerogam transplants were concluded: nature is following its course

Between the end of 2021 and mid-2022, the reed and aquatic phanerogams transplants were completed in the LIFE Lagoon Refresh’s area. This important phase of the project, which started after completion and commissioning of the hydraulic work and which involved previously trained associations of fishermen and hunters from the northern Venice lagoon in the transplantation of more than 2,500 sods of reeds (Phragmites australis) and about 2000 sods of aquatic plants (Zostera noltei, Ruppia cirrhosa and Z. marina). The reedbed transplants aimed at acceleraing and improving restoration of extensive reed-vegetated intertidal surfaces began in summer of 2020. Reed bed took root better in areas close to the freshwater input with more suitable salinity conditions to its growth. However, in places where the rooting of transplanted sods has been still modest, an improvement is expected in the following years (during the After-LIFE of the project) when salinity conditions will be more suitable for the growth of the reeds in the whole transplantation area. The phanerogam transplants, that began in autumn of 2020, have generally taken root, forming more or less extensive patches which are expected to merge together in the following months to form extensive and well-structured meadows. Experiences gained in LIFE SERESTO project showed that it takes about 3 years to have a good development of seagrass meadows, therefore we will expect, in the next few years, a further development of them.