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Morphological and hydraulic interventions in the finishing straight

Despite the exceptional climatic events at the end of 2019, construction activities (Conservation Actions C) are ending.

In October, an update was published on the state of progress of the works, describing the construction works. For the morphological part in the Lagoon, the phase of construction of the first extract had in fact begun with the fixing of rows of wooden poles inside which the bags in degradable coconut fibre were housed. They will limit the dispersion of the fresh water and will be used as a substrate for planting reeds. On the other hand, the construction sites for the hydraulic system were being set up to define the site area and prepare the by-pass of the cycle path for the trucks passage for the construction of the fresh water inlet from the Sile River in the Lagoon.

To date, the interventions of morphological reconstruction of the first extract are almost completed: the biodegradable bags were placed in the Lagoon as designed and shortly the transplantation of reeds will begin.
The construction site for the hydraulic works is also on home stretch: the pipes were placed inside the building in the embankment between the Sile River and the Lagoon and the connection is about to be completed.
This phase is extremely crucial for the project as both concrete Actions will lead to the achievement of one of the most important goals of the project: the recreation of the typical transitional environment between lagoon and land now lost in most of the Venice Lagoon. This internal area of the lagoon, in fact, should be characterized by low salinity, while to date the environmental conditions are much more similar to those found at sea, with consequent loss of biodiversity that characterizes these environments.